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On behalf of dAseniors, The-Senior-Stache is the base of operations for :points: and News of Senior members, defined as those users who have a ` or a ° as their symbol on deviantART.

This is a news article, posted once every two weeks, choc-a-block full of Senior happenings and initiatives, stunning visual features, an awesome mini-interview and much, much more!

Even though this is mainly Senior orientated, if you have something you want to promote or are just looking for something generally, senior or not, we invite you all to take a gander.

FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member?
FAQ #106: What are the symbol next to each deviant's username?


Weekly Hunt: Most Humorous Photograph

:thumb102598360: :thumb196240761: Trick or treat by Alephunky
Be in for a chance to win 10 :points:!

The Absurd Spot

By Thiefoworld and his +1

Before we get into the hardcore news selling, we sent Thiefoworld, one of our interviewers, on a quest; to find a senior member to do an interesting interview full of useful facts and share the knowledge with the community... unfortunately for us, this is all we have:

:iconmirz123: Mirz123
Do you have an invisible friend? What do they look like?
They? That's suggesting more than one. How'd you know? :paranoid:

If you could change gender at will *Like a super power or by magic* Would you and why?
Nope. I like my boobs, thank you very much. :D

What's behind you at this exact moment?
My cat who is sleeping perilously perched on the back of my computer chair

Do you have another browser tab open? What's in the other tab(s)?
AgentRansack, my paint and animation programs, and about 5 instances of notepad (which I use way too much).

If you could dye your hair any color you ever wanted, what color would it be?
I'd totally go pink and blue. Totally.

The Senior Photo Album

Welcome to the Senior Photo Album, brought to you in part by Endorell-Taelos and exarobibliologist, along with the artists we are showcasing in this article.
Would you like to see something particular from the Senior Photo Album? Got an idea for a theme, or a suggestion for a future Photo Album? Send a note to Endorell-Taelos with the Subject "Senior Photo Album Suggestion"
We conducted an interview with Si3art, a fantasy artist who get inspiration from "from pretty much everywhere: mythology and legends, movies, music" and likes putting lots of time, effort and detail in her work.

Winter by Si3art  Summer by Si3art  Autumn by Si3art
She always carries around a sketchbook with her in case she has an idea. She describes her art "romantic, over detailed and even a bit kitschy at times... I love painting in many, many layers, splattering, adding textures to painted surfaces and I often use digital painting tutorials as references when painting traditionally." She says that's "just the way I like it."
We like it that way too!


:bulletblue: fourteenthstar's Celebrating Deviousness - October 2011 ~ pinguino

:bulletblue: phoenixleo's deviantART - Let's Extend the Spirit Day 2011
:bulletblue: creativemikey's A Tribute to Steven Paul Jobs 2/24/55 – 10/5/11
:bulletblue: RipfangDragon's Contemporary Awareness: Nick Crave
:bulletblue: Synfull's Promoting positivity
:bulletblue: iLantiis' Shut Up, Things I have Learned from dA
:bulletblue: Topicality's Community Projects Around deviantART! Volume 1
:bulletblue: LostKitten's Dr. Pepper Photo Op - Metro Meal Deal (Review)
:bulletblue: pickledeer's Martial Artists Unite!

:bulletblue: Topicality's Play the Adri Game
:bulletblue: manic-cure's The dA Paper Face Project
:bulletblue: Endorell-Taelos' Massive OC Group Halloween Event!
:bulletblue: annajordanart's Halloween - Make-Up Tricks!
:bulletblue: Drunken-Splice's chapbook is up for sale!


:bulletorange: indicates new contests

:bulletorange: PurpelBlur's The Emote Revival Contest - Part One ~ Ends October 21st
:bulletblue: Memnalar's "All Hallows Tales" Fiction Contest ~ Ends October 23rd
:bulletblue: Damaged927's Manga/Anime Repeating Contest OCTOBER 2011 ~ Ends October 30th
:bulletblue: meikahidenori's Action Sports Contest ~ Ends October 31st
:bulletorange: FrightClub's Halloween Contest ~ Ends October 31st
:bulletblue: TwiggyTeeluck's Contest: Fear ~ Ends November 1st
:bulletblue: meikahidenori's Design your own gang contest ~ Ends November 1st
:bulletorange: ATrue's LITplease's SPLENDID SCRIPTS CONTEST!~ Ends November 9th
:bulletblue: uae4u's SkyAndNatureClub's & PhotographerClub's Still Life Contest ! ~ Ends November 15th
:bulletorange: JunkbyJen's ** THINK PINK VI Contest ** ~ Ends December 3rd
:bulletblue: Rogue-Of-The-Night's Collaborative Red Contest ~ Ends December 12th
:bulletorange: MonicaMarinho's CASTING, Want to be painted as Disney's Sunflower? ~ Ends January 8th
:bulletblue: TouchedVenus' SD Contest 15: Angelic and Holy Contest ~ Ends January 13th


:bulletblue: Thiefoworld's An Absurd Interview with catluvr2, An Absurd Interview with MidnightExigent

Welcome back to the Senior Photo Album!

Si3art's favorite picture is at the beginning of the above row of thumbs. "This is one of the few paintings Ive grown to love. I knew it was going to turn out amazing when I finshed the sketch and got the first layer of blue tones on the canvas. I love every detail about it."

R053 by Si3art   Two Of a Kind by Si3art  Lost and Forgotten by Si3art
Before joining dA, Si3art described herself as a crafter. After she joined deviantART she "seriously started to practice more traditional art. I was just so stunned with dA that I felt the urge to start drawing/painting myself. Thats when I realised that painting is what I really love to do. Now after these 3 magical years of deviantart, I would describe myself as an tradional artist." She still holds on to her roots though by being a "multitasker" who also "designs and sews clothing".

Art News

:bulletblue: Customization: Mirz123's Random Emote Awesomeness - Volume 13
:bulletblue: Digital Art: Yasny-chan's Fractal Flowers for "Project Educate Fractal Week"
:bulletblue: Literature: LadyLincoln's The Ladies of Lit: Volume XIV
:bulletblue: Photography: bQw's Photojazz Five: hersley
:bulletblue: Resources:


:bulletblue: ProjectPorkchop's Vol59, Vol60, Vol61, Vol62
:bulletblue: Unique-Equines' UotU Vol27, UotU Vol28
:bulletblue: Emerald-Depths' Watcher Feature XXI
:bulletblue: LostKitten's Llama Art [ Vol. 1 ]
:bulletblue: ginkgografix's dA related presents: Autumn
:bulletblue: AssClownFish's My Watchers Are Badass Vol. 14 - RED , Vol. 15 - RED
:bulletblue: SanguineEpitaph's Emotes Speak a Thousand Words
:bulletblue: RipfangDragon's First Friday: Issue #3
:bulletblue: Tajii-chan's Artists that Deserve more Love! IX
:bulletblue: im-not-sana's TheConceptBox's "Secrets" Feature

:bulletblue: petrova's Fav feature #32
:bulletblue: tangledweb's Favwatch Photography 30-16 v8, Favwatch Photography 15-1 v8
:bulletblue: Endorell-Taelos's Happy Features
:bulletblue: Gonzale's summer's gone
:bulletblue: JillAuville' Features

To other artists, Si3art advises:

Dance with Death by Si3art  Brotherhood by Si3art  Hold On by Si3art
"Practice. A LOT. Try to draw every day, even if its just a doodle. Art isn't like learning to ride a bike and then guess you will be good at it for all your life. No, you need to practice. The best thing for traditional art would be to try coping photos, and especially for a beginner, always use references. Draw from a reference a few times and then without one. In time "the right lines" will get memorized and you will be able to draw perfectly. As they say- "Practice makes perfect""


:bulletblue: Tajii-chan for being interviewed here by Nyiana-sama

:bulletblue: junoknight is raising money to keep the 'choral music scene in San Diego thriving', so go check it out!

To those that are now one year older...

loish, AshleyxBrooke, pinkcookie, JohndeLano

...and to those yet to be: Happy Birthday!

amolerouth, Gashu-Monsata, wroth, shkvarchuk


blackzer0, TouchedVenus, bratchny


taeliac, TomWilcox



Have you news? Send us a note!

We sincerely apologise for any errors made. If you are concerned with an issue, please do not hesitate to send The-Senior-Stache a note.

~ Written with the help of 3wyl, exarobibliologist, Endorell-Taelos, petrova, Thiefoworld, Topicality.

Past 'Staches: May 1st, May 15th, May 29th, June 12th, June 26th, July 10th, July 24th, August 7th, August 21st, September 4th, September 18th, October 2nd

:icondaseniors: ~ dAseniors
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